How To Write A Letter To A Judge?

Do you know someone who has been incarcerated or found themselves on the wrong side of the law? You can always choose to write a letter to the judge requesting leniency on the sentencing. Of course, the letter needs to be professional and address the matter at hand candidly. Well, here’s how to write a letter to a judge and make sure that it actually makes a difference.

• Use a letterhead to set the letter. It makes it appear professional and inviting for the reader to follow through with the contents of the letter. If you’re employed, you should use the letterhead from your workplace.

• Make sure you include a date on the letter. It should be on the top left center and include the right date.

• Use a proper address for the judge and salutation. It should be written below the date and also use the judge’s official name and address. It could be the courthouse where the judge presides. Make sure it’s left-justified and written as any other address on the top part of the letter just below the date. Under the address and name of the judge, write the best salutation. You can address the judge as ‘your honor’ or ‘dear judge’ and include their name.

• Write down the name of the defendant. Write down the first name at the beginning of the letter which can be written in the first sentence or between the salutation and address.

• Write down who you are to the defendant and your profession in the first paragraph. If you’re held in high esteem in your community, don’t be modest about your private or public work. By highlighting these credentials, you will show the judge that the defendant is actually a person with good connections in the community.

• Explain your relationship with the defendant. Here, you should write how long you have known him/her and highlight any positive things in your relationship.

• Next, you should write out a general statement of support. Basically, let the judge know that the defendant has been candid about their legal issues to you or anyone else close to them. It is a positive measure and also mention that you’re ready to assist them when they are released back into the community by offering a job or a place to stay.

• Defend the person’s character by mentioning positive attributes such as love, honesty and courage. If they have a family, you should also mention that the person is a good parent.

• You need to provide any additional information that will be helpful to the defendant and highlight him/her in a good light. Use very informative and concise information.

• Write the conclusion and mention that the defendant understands the legal trouble he/she is in and actually regrets the actions. Also, mention that they have learned from the experience and is ready to move on with their life.

In conclusion, when you’re writing the letter, you need to put the defendant in a positive light and avoid disparaging the character of anyone else involved in the case. It always pays to be sure when it comes to legal matters so if you have any questions in mind about the process of making your letter, never hesitate to ask help from a lawyer.

The Best Reasons Why You Need To Use LED Lighting At Home

Today, more and more people are becoming interested in making their homes more energy efficient so that they can save a lot of money from their monthly electric bills. One of the best ways to do this would be by installing LED lights for all of the rooms of your house and by using the same type of lights for your home’s exterior as well.

LED lighting is a really popular choice among a lot of homeowners today because of their ability to provide better and much brighter lighting for lesser energy consumption. That in turn will help you to save a lot of money in the long run. In addition to that, LED lights are made and designed to last much longer than regular light bulbs.

The upfront cost for LED lighting may be quite expensive but believe me, you’ll surely be able to recoup your investment in the near future because of the amount of energy you’ll be able to save from using them at home. In addition to that, using LED lighting will also increase the overall value of your property, which is something you want to do if you have plans of selling it in the future.

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Another method of transport in Malta

Usually, when you’re booking a taxi you are booking a ride, safeguarding yourself for the journey ahead and making sure you score on efficiency, comfort, and utility – maybe even luxury. Coming to malta to learn English? Or perhaps on a holiday. Here’s what you need to know about airport transfers

When you’re booking a drive from Greenr Cabs LTD, the leading taxi company in Malta though, you’re booking more than the aforesaid. When you’re booking a drive from this taxi service in malta you’re in fact booking the tickets for greener, healthier, prettier Malta. We aim to not just provide you with a comfortable, luxurious ride but we also aim to be an ecologically responsible bunch: we endeavor to please both Nature and our clients. Taxi Malta doesn’t just improve the rides of its clients but also helps improve the lives of the people.

Our team comprises of the best professional team that can be found – dedicated individuals all, committed to our mission, our vision, and values. We’re an eco-friendly, customer-friendly, environment-friendly bunch and good news for the people inhabiting or visiting Gozo or Malta. It’s not just the trees that we aim to climb, but the market alongside: this intent of ours we tend to bring to fulfillment by offering our customers a range of offers that aren’t very easily found in ventures of the sort. We provide our clients Wifi so that they can enjoy access to fast Internet and go on with their usual matters over the web, which comes in very handy for a long ride. In addition to Wi-Fi and Onboard Tablet, we offer you a drive in absolute silence and solitude, and our professional drivers make certain you are not left wanting in your needs while you’re on board with us.

Fumbling with Malta Airport Transfers and then getting a Malta Airport Taxi isn’t that big of a problem – the problem is picking the right one. 24/7 can service in Gozo and Malta assures travelers, tourists, visitors and inhabitants alike have the pleasure of what a comfort ride really means. In fact, to celebrate we’re giving everyone a €2 discount! This is a state of the art transport concept the likes of which you might have barely seen before: in our polished, comfy and efficient vehicles all you have to do is sit back and relax, in utter silence and serenity, enjoy the free Internet, and end up with no guilt of polluting the environment.

To add to this all, we promote, in all seriousness, our mission to serve the environment in all the ways possible and open to us: we’re not simply bluffing when we say we care about the environment – and to make you as serious as we are we offer discounts to anyone who recycles a plastic bottle on their trip. Owing to our efforts to save the environment and our zero emission cabs from among all of Malta Airport Transfers and similar services our efforts have resulted in both local and international outlets talking about us – we’ve made it to both the Times of Malta and to a French International TV Information Channel. But we’ve had to pave our way to become the talk of the town and we encourage you to join hands with us in our mission.

We care about you, about your comfort, about your needs and best of all, we care about the world you live in, the environment you thrive in, the atmosphere you survive in. If you’re looking for a Malta Airport Taxi, we’re right waiting and prepared. As we like to put it, Go Green, Go Greenr.

Renting a Farmhouse or Villa in Gozo Malta

Traveling in a new place without much knowledge of the surroundings can be troublesome and therefore it’s best that one rents a car and enjoys some good time without getting stuck in the public transport system. The rented car would ensure that you see all the places that you want to visit and also have a great time. If you are visiting Gozo and want to have some good sightseeing opportunities which would really make for a good trip, then make sure you book your rental in advance and brace yourself for some of the best times of your life!

Gozo has a wonderful culture where one can really have good opportunity to enjoy the local flare of the place. The rented car would ensure that you see everything and have a good memorable journey. There are many rental providers which would offer you a fleet of vehicles to have some of the best experiences ever. But if you are looking for something specific then look for a well-reputed car renting company which offers a special package. Something according to your preference that would make your journey interesting and ensure that you and your family have a good time. The well-trained chauffeurs would take complete care of you and offer a great chance to see Gozo in a safe and secure manner.

A good rented car would enable you and your family to spend your time looking around and enjoying your time without depending upon somebody else or something else for transport. The well-trained professionals would ensure that the car reaches the airport or any other place that you are aiming for on time and you can have a safe journey to your destination. The well-trained skills of the drivers and the complete knowledge of the local roads would ensure that you reach your desired destination without any problem and on time.

For a great experience one has to be sure that they really have the best of services at the best of times and for that, they can acquire a local guide in Gozo who will ensure that you go to the right places and get the most out of your time on this beautiful island. Using the services of professionals who have been offering their services to the clients visiting Gozo from a long time would be the safest bet and one would really have a great time looking around comfortably and enjoying the whole scenario to the core of their heart.

When you arrive in Gozo, you can get the sense of tradition, peacefulness, and serenity that lies ingrained within the culture of the island. Have you ever been to a place where you feel peaceful and do not want to leave? Welcome to Gozo. If you plan to stay in Gozo for a week or so, book a farmhouse. Farmhouses are old houses converted into holiday accommodation villas with a pool where you can really enjoy yourself and have a blast.

Abraham Gozo farmhouses are one of the leading farmhouses providers on the island where you can get a 4 bedroom villa for less than our 1,200. Having a private holiday is so much better, as opposed to staying in a hotel somewhere in Malta in the center of all the hustle and bustle.  You can also hire your own private chef or a massage therapist. How cool would that be? Pampering yourself for a whole week with your family, the best!

So get ready and hire a good rented car. Don’t waste your time using public transport. It really isn’t worth the trouble. You can enjoy your time off with your family and explore the intricacies of this island worry free. There would be no curfews or cut off times if you have your own rental. Plus, it’s a lot safer and convenient for you to drive your own designated vehicle, as compared to using a public bus. We hope that you have a great time exploring Gozo!

Update: Other activities you can do in Malta are


Ocean Charters


These are just a few fun stuff you can do in Malta. We will be rolling out a full service package for you guys to enjoy.



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